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The touch control feature of this solar bulb light allows for easy and convenient use during emergency situations. With a simple touch to the top of the bulb, the emergency lighting mode is activated, providing you with much-needed illumination during power outages or other emergencies. This feature is particularly useful as it eliminates the need for fumbling around in the dark to find a switch or other control mechanism. The built-in sensor also ensures that the bulb automatically switches on as long as the room light switch is set to ON, providing added convenience and peace of mind. Whether you are at home, camping, hiking, or traveling, this solar bulb light is an ideal lighting solution for all your needs.


7W 12W Solar Bulb Lights E27 Led Rechargeable Emergency Solar Lamp Protable Lampada
Waterproof Outdoor Camp Tent Garden Lights.
1).Environmental-Friendly, Energy Saving, Long Life Expectancy, Lower Power ,Consumption,
Rechargeable, Waterproof, Lightweight and Carry with easy.
2)Bright portable outdoor solar light bulb with built-in 3pcs Inner Solar Panels, High Lumens LEDs
and a 1200mAh Lithium battery.
3).Easy to use: two ways to turn it on, Screw the hooked lid to bulb thread and tighten, then press
the switch button to turn on/off. Hold Bulb and gently press the top with your finger
4).Fitted with three Solar Panels it will recharge in sunlight and give you 2-4 hours of Lighting.
5).The rechargeable LED bulb works like any household bulb and recharge with light on this will
take 6-8 hours to fully charge and give you 4-6 hours of lighting.
6).When power is cut the bulb operates as an emergency lamp and switches on automatically as
long as room light switch is set to ON. You will never be without light due to a blackout ever. The
built-in sensor can effect the success of power, determine the state of switch, and save you in the
situation of outage.
7).Ideal for home lighting, outdoor trips,emergency events and power outages, Garden, Travel,
Hiking, Camping and a lot more.
Rechargeable Battery: 1200mA/3.7V ( 18650 Li-ion battery )
Solar panel: 3 solar panels
Charging Mode:
1)Solar Charging
2) In the AC85V-265V Voltage Charging
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Working time: 4-6 hours
Waterproof: IP65
Energy Saving: 80%
Lifespan: 8000hrs
Sheathing Material: Plastic
Power source: Solar panel, home electricity charging
Control: Touch Lamp top For Emergency Lighting.

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Eco-friendly lighting for a better planet

Choosing eco-friendly lighting options like solar bulb lights can make a significant impact on our planet. With these lights, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but also minimizing energy consumption, leading to a more sustainable future.

Reliable lighting for peace of mind during emergencies

The automatic emergency lighting feature of this solar bulb light ensures that you never have to worry about being left in the dark during power outages or other emergencies. The touch control feature also adds to its convenience, allowing for easy use when you need it the most.

Customer Reviews

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Maksim Stube

Big Bulbs, shine bright enough

Zoe Kausemann

Looks good quality, I have not yet experienced leave on to see how long the light lasts. But it gives a good light

Marvin Howard

It is of good quality, but it does not fulfill the function that I needed. In the photo I have it on the balcony, but I wanted it to illuminate the outside, but it doesn't reach there! For the balcony is fine

Philine Schwartz

Great quality, fast delivery to UK.

Liah Stang

Arrived 15 days before the estimated delivery date