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PET PERFECT is the ultimate grooming and drying system for your furry friends.

With its unique combination of drying and brushing technology, your pets will enjoy a relaxing and stress-free grooming experience like never before.

Made from environmentally friendly materials and built to last, PET PERFECT is the perfect gift for pet owners who want to provide their pets with the highest level of comfort and care. With its smart technology, you can easily and gently groom and dry your pet, leaving them looking and feeling their best. Give your furry friend the gift of a luxurious spa treatment with PET PERFECT.


Product Name: 2-in-1 Pet Hair Comb
Comb: Fine Needle Comb
Material: ABS and Stainless Steel
Power Cord Length: about 1.5m-2m
Power: about 250W-300W
Plug Type: US Plug AC110V or EU Plug AC220V
Product Size: 29 x 12 x 7 mm
Wind Regulation: 3 Gear Wind Regulation
Function: Drying and Grooming Pets
Features: RVS Steel Wire Protection, Overhead Design, Eco-friendly and Durable
Suitable for: Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Puppies, and Other Pets
Color: Blue and White

Whats in the Box

Package Included:

2-in-1 Pet Hair Comb

User Manual

Power Cord (either US Plug AC110V or EU Plug AC220V depending on your order)

Other accessories that may vary depending on the specific product and package.

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Convenient 2-in-1 Design

The PET PERFECT 2-in-1 Pet Hair Dryer and Comb is an ingenious product that combines a hair dryer and a pet comb, making it a convenient tool for pet owners who want to groom and dry their pets at the same time.

RVS Steel Wire Protection for Safe Grooming

The PET PERFECT is a Quiet Dryer and Comb Brush Grooming Kit for Cats and Dogs.

Low Noise Temperature comes with RVS steel wire protection that removes tangles, dead skin, and dirt from your pet's fur while also ensuring safe grooming.

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Cronin

I bought 19/09 day and arrived 01/10 on customs.

Brisa Nader

Great dryer loved it, it's just the description of the photo I loved

Hassan Mertz

Equal to the description I recommend it just need to try

Josianne Mayer

Good Article, I recommend this pet dryer good operation. Good seller

Jennifer Schmidt

I was surprised how well wrapped it was coming, everything perfect, connecting it to the current worked perfect without any problem,