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Say goodbye to messy liquid eyeliners. Introducing the amazing MY LASH System. You can now enjoy your beautiful eye lash look all day long.

MY LASH is suitable for all occasions, day to day activities, parties, weddings birthday events, Social gatherings and so much more. Easy to apply and remove. Surprise all your friends and loved ones with your new beautiful look using the MY LASH system.


Portable Electric Eyelash Curler Long Lasting Hot Eyelash Curler Natural False Eyelash Curler
Makeup Tools.
1. No Painful Eyelashes: Heated eyelash curlers designed with a removable silicone pad protect the
eyelids and skin from heat. It will change color as the temperature progresses - ready to use when it
turns a translucent grey. Also built in with constant temperature control panel. Also, the perfect
curve designed to fit most eye shapes and sizes will fit well with the contour of the eye socket,
allowing for any curl angle you desire without pain.
2. Long-lasting curling: Compared with traditional eyelash curlers, the heated eyelash curler
could create more natural curled eyelashes that could last for 24 hours. Keeps eyes looking amazing
during parties, dating and important meetings, will not show fatigue even all night
3. 3. 30s quick heating and 2 temperature settings: low temperature, suitable for delicate, soft
lashes, high temperature, suitable for hard, thick lashes. One press to switch modes. For women of
all eyelash types and styles, just start with bold eyelash styling AND it automatically shuts off after
5 minutes of use.
4. 4. Longer Using Time: The eyelash curler has a 150mAh large capacity battery and is
powered by a Type-C cable. It could work for 60 minutes continuously after fully charged. Ease of
use and time saving.
5. 5. USB fast charging and mini design: Heated eyelash curlers are charged by USB charging
to save battery cost (including charging cable) and can be charged by computer, power bank or car.
The electric eyelash curler for women is small and light enough to fit comfortably in a purse, purse
or cosmetic case
1. Preheat for 40 seconds for long-lasting curls
2. Silicone head heating, does not damage the skin and eyelashes, the heating speed is faster, and
the heating area is wider.
3. The elbow design fits the eyelashes better, and the curling effect is better.
4. Type-c rechargeable
5. Small size, easy to carry.
Product Details:
Product name: Electric eyelash curler
Rated voltage: 230-300mAh
Power Type: Battery Powered
Battery: 230mAh
Temperature range: 40-60℃
[Temperature 2 gears] 1 gear - [green light 65 degrees], 2 gears [blue light 85 degrees]

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Two Temperature Settings for Customized Curls

MY LASH is the electric eyelash curler features two temperature settings to suit different types of lashes. The low temperature setting (65 degrees) is perfect for delicate, soft lashes, while the high temperature setting (85 degrees) is suitable for hard, thick lashes.

Get Ready to Slay with Long-Lasting Curls

MY LASH will make you instantly say goodbye to having the need to re-curling your lashes throughout the day! The heated eyelash curler creates more natural curled eyelashes that can last for 24 hours.

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Soledad Murphy

Everything OK, it remains only to try.

Tia Crona

Everything as described, fast delivery, I recommend the seller

Kameron Medhurst

Super, very good quality

Anabel Klein

Looks great!

Elenor Kuhic

Perfect as usual and the glue is amazing it sticks so quickly 😍 super full lashes I love them!