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The Multifunction Toilet Seat Lifter is a practical and portable device that allows you to lift or lower the toilet seat without having to touch it with your hands. Made of durable and safe materials, this toilet seat lifter is ideal for use in public places where hygiene is a concern. The self-adhesive tape is designed to fit a variety of toilet seats, and each toilet lid handle installs quickly and easily thanks to secure, reliable adhesive strips. Measuring only 4.5x11x3cm, this small and portable lifter is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain good hygiene and avoid touching dirty toilet seats. With this Toilet Seat Lifter, you can lift the toilet seat without worrying about germs and bacteria, making it a convenient and practical tool for home, work, hotel, retail stores, office, restaurant, and much more!


Multifunction Toilet Seat Lifter Toilet Lifting Device Avoid Touching Toilet Lid Handle Pot Seat
Lifter WC Accessories
Practical: This Toilet Seat Lifter can lift or lower the toilet seat without touching the toilet seat,
effectively protecting your hands from bacteria easily , especially in public places, you can use this
toilet cover lifter to open the toilet lid when the toilet is dirty.
Small and portable: This Toilet Seat Handle Seat Cover Lifter Avoid Touching,Easy to carry, must
for Sanitary Conditions are Required : Home, Work, Hotel, Retail Stores, Office, Restaurant, and
much more!
More Sanitary:The Toilet Seat Lifter Self-adhesive tape is designed to fit a variety of toilet seats.
according height of toilet seat to add 1 adhesive tape. Each toilet lid handle installs quickly and
easily thanks to secure, reliable adhesive strips. Simply peel, attach it to the lid.(When using, do
not lift at the outermost end of the product, it will cause the adhesive to break, it is best to use a
balanced force, so as to ensure the service life of the product)
High quality material: The Toilet Seat Lifter Made of PP material, with the features of safe and nontoxic, the toilet seat cover lifter is durable and tough, it can open the toilet lid easily.
Stick securely by simply peeling off super adhesive backing and then stick to underside of the toilet
Material: PC+ABS+TPR

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Keep Your Hands Clean and Germ-Free

The amazing LIFT CLEAN Multifunction Toilet Seat Lifter, is the Perfect solution to keeping all your toilet seats clean and Hygienic.

Now you can lift or lower the toilet seat without ever having to touch it with your hands. Keeping your bacteria free and safe for all the family.

Convenient and Portable for Use Anywhere

LIFT CLEAN has a unique function of allowing the Toilet Seat Lifter to be both portable and convenient to use.

Measuring only 4.5x11x3cm, it can easily fit in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for use on-the-go.

Customer Reviews

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Eva Bartoletti

As described, the quality is acceptable, suitable for everyone, the price is not high, can be tested

Breanna Corkery

The quality is good. Both Velcro were useful, because The headband of the toilet was deep. I pasted them on top of one another. Is functioning.

Tracy Lesch

Product as requested of excellent quality very beautiful, arrived within the stipulated time.

Dallas Swift

Product as per description excellent quality, arrived within the established time.

Fidel Ruecker

Good quality, neat performance. While holding on.