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The Zoom Torch is a high-performance headlamp that offers a comfortable and hands-free lighting solution for a wide range of activities. Its adjustable and elastic headband allows for easy wearing and removal, freeing your hands to focus on tasks at hand. With its powerful XHP100 LED, the headlamp provides an impressive lighting distance of up to 2500 meters and offers three lighting modes to suit different needs. The 90° swivel head allows for flexible lighting angles, and the adjustable focus enables zooming in for floodlight illumination or zooming out for long-range observation. The tail warning light enhances safety in dark or foggy conditions, and the USB power input/output functionality and battery power display ensure convenient charging and power monitoring. Compact and versatile, the Zoom Torch is a perfect companion for working, camping, hiking, and emergency situations, making it an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts and practical individuals alike.


  • LED Type: XHP100
  • Lighting Modes: High, Low, Strobe
  • Lighting Distance: Up to 2500 meters
  • Headlamp Rotation: 90° swivel head for adjustable lighting angle
  • Focus: Adjustable focus for zooming in and out
  • Tail Warning Light: Included for enhanced safety
  • Power Source: 3 x 18650 rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Power Input/Output: USB port for charging and power output to charge other devices
  • Battery Indicator: 4 blue indicator lights on the battery box for power display
  • Comfort: Adjustable and elastic headband for a comfortable fit
  • Hands-Free Operation: Allows for convenient use during various activities
  • Application: Ideal for working, camping, fishing, traveling, hiking, emergencies, and more
  • Dimensions: [Provide specific dimensions if available]
  • Weight: [Provide weight if available]
  • Accessories: USB charging cable, user manual

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Powerful Illumination and Versatile Lighting Modes

The Zoom Torch is equipped with the latest XHP100 LED, providing super bright illumination that can reach an impressive distance of up to 2500 meters. This makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and night exploration. Additionally, it offers three lighting modes (High, Low, Strobe) to cater to different lighting needs. The High mode provides maximum brightness for optimal visibility, while the Low mode conserves battery life for longer usage. The Strobe mode can be used for emergency signaling or as a distress signal.

Convenient USB Power Input/Output and Battery Indicator

The headlamp features a USB power input/output functionality, allowing you to easily charge the included 3 x 18650 rechargeable batteries. You can charge the batteries using various power sources such as a car, computer, power bank, or USB charging plug. Furthermore, the headlamp doubles as a power bank itself, enabling you to charge your phone or other USB devices on the go. The battery indicator, consisting of four blue indicator lights on the back of the battery box, provides a clear and convenient way to monitor the remaining power level, ensuring that you are aware of when to recharge the batteries.

Customer Reviews

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Margarette Wyman

It's bright! I think it will be enough to use it when the sea is running. It's brighter than a hand-up. It's the third model I 've got straight from Ali, but it's the brightest ^ ^ I need to buy one more ^ ^ I'm satisfied with this ^

Vida Braun

Zoom good, bright
I'm satisfied.
Battery use time, I don't know how
I'll put it up later.

Mikayla Cartwright

I use it after buying other cheap things. It's good because it's good. I bought it in the past. I put it on a carrot.
See also the Old Street

Richard Runte

Having arrived Shvidko, to use yaskravo, back 4 control of the charge, sit on the head good, I recommend selling

Kaylin Hamill

Ordered a lantern after communicating with the seller. Asked to change energy-intensive batteries for work. Instead of 1200 mAh put 2800 mAh.
The lantern came in 9 days to Israel. Everything works and corresponds to the description. Powerful. Everything is packed in the box according to the maximum configuration. Satisfied with the order. Store and service satisfied. Finally, the Ali Express took up the service. The package was tracked by point.
It became a pleasure to deal and buy goods. Store 5 for service, manufacturer 5 stars for goods. All excellent quality at normal price.