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Introducing the Smart SENSOR LIGHT. It turns on automatically when
the light starts to dim and get dark. Incredible Safety Features. The inbuilt
technology turns off when there is enough light, suitable for bedrooms,
living rooms, kitchens. Stairs,closets and so much more. Simply plug in.
Enjoy the safety of bright reliable lighting all night long, especially helps
young children, the aged and old people walk up and down the home
during night time in complete safety.


Wireless Sensor LED Night Light EU US Plug Mini Square Night Lights For Baby Children Living Room Bedroom Corridor Lighting Lamp.Product information: Color: white Material: plastic Switch type: light control Size: 64*64*69mmLight source power: 0.5W/110-230V (W) Voltage: 36V (V) Packing list: 2 * small night light[An- /Off-Automatic]This LED night light with motion detector and light sensor will not leave you in the dark. When motion is detected - after dusk - the light comes on and ensures pleasant and sufficient brightness. After about 20 seconds, the lamp switches off automatically if no more movement is registered.[pleasant glare-free lighting] ensures a pleasant room atmosphere with warm white light; Equipped with LEDs, provides enough brightness to find your way at night, but not too bright that it would disturb your partner's sleep. [simply plug into a socket] No matter whether in the hallway, in the hallway, in the basement, on stairs, in the entrance area, or in the children's room, bedroom, or bathroom: it is used exactly where it is needed. No more searching for the light switch and turning on full lighting. Versatile in use, whether to briefly illuminate the hallway when going to the toilet at night, in the stairwell, in the garage, or on the terrace.

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1 * sensor light

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The wireless SENSOR LIGHT is an LED powered night light and is incredibly convenient, with its automatic on/off function and motion sensor capabilities. No longer will you have to fumble around in the dark searching for a light switch - this night light will sense your movement and provide you with the perfect amount of light to safely navigate through your home.


The warm white light provided by SENSOR LIGHT creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in your home. It's not too bright, so it won't disturb your partner's sleep, but it's bright enough to make sure you can see where you're going. With this night light, you'll feel safe and comfortable as you move around your home at night.

Customer Reviews

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Mallie Ankunding

Perfect, the lights are intact.

Katrine Bahringer

Shines cool (the camera does not transmit well) when the light is cut out by itself-it becomes dark to turn on itself too)

Friedrich Ankunding

Perfect piece. Thanks