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PURE WATERS is a revolutionary water purification system that provides a cost-effective solution for purifying tap water in your kitchen and bathroom. It is easy and simple to attach to your existing taps, and it effectively removes unwanted bacteria, rust, and other negative elements commonly found in unfiltered tap water. The system uses a multi-level filtering process that reduces impurities such as chlorine and heavy metals, making your water safer and healthier to use. PURE WATERS is an essential addition to your bathroom and kitchen, ensuring that your food items, vegetables, and bath water are cleaner and safer for you and your family.


  • Filtration system: 6 layers with activated carbon
  • Water pressure reduction: 40-70%
  • Water temperature: Not to exceed 60 degrees Celsius
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Material: Not specified
  • Compatibility: Suitable for 99% types of faucets
  • Installation: Easy to install
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean
  • Applications: Kitchen, sink faucet, bathroom faucet, and washbasin faucet
  • Filtration system: 5 layers with activated carbon
  • Material: Bamboo charcoal, PVC rubber, and zeolite carbon
  • Nozzle diameter compatibility: 16-19 mm
  • Size: 5.5 cm high and 4 cm wide
  • Initial use: Black water may flow out at the beginning due to activated carbon powder
  • Water temperature: Not to exceed 50 degrees Celsius
  • Replacement: Recommended every two months depending on water quality
  • Applications: Small mouth diameter nozzles

Whats in the Box

Package includes: Water Filter.

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Enjoy Clean and Refreshing Showers

Are you tired of bathing in tap water that smells or feels less than clean? PURE WATERS' Tap Water Purification System can change that! With its multi-level filtering system, it removes unwanted bacteria, rust, chlorine, and heavy metals from your tap water, making it safer and healthier to use.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy

PURE WATERS allows you to not have to worry about the impurities in your tap water when you drink it or use it to cook? The PURE WATERS Kitchen Faucet Tap Water Purifier with its 5 layers of activated carbon filtration can help put your mind at ease. Trap most of the impurities and debris found in conventional Tap water, using the PURE WATERS amazing filtration system.

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Martine Schaefer

Product of very good quality and arrived before the estimated date to mexico

Jarrod Lubowitz

Perfect, Very good

Devonte Kreiger

The product arrived in good condition .. Thank you.

Gillian Buckridge